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Consejos para el reciclaje en el hogar

Tips for recycling at home

Most talk about recycling and caring for the planet; however, when asked...

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Razones para comenzar a reciclar

Reasons to start recycling

Recycling is one of the simplest and most rewarding daily activities that we can...

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¿Cómo afecta la basura electrónica?

How does electronic waste affect?

The environment is exposed to various modes of pollution that can affect it...

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Importancia del reciclaje de metales

Importance of metal recycling

Metals are one of the most polluting industrial inputs worldwide...

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Beneficios del reciclaje

Benefits of recycling

Recycling helps extend the life and usefulness of resources. There are countless benefits to recycling...

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Como reciclar pilas

How to recycle batteries

Batteries are among the main concerns of societies, due to their high levels...

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Como reciclar la basura electrónica

How to recycle electronic waste

Electronic waste refers to any electronic device whose useful life has...

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Reutiliza tu reciclaje dándole un uso decorativo

Reuse your recycling giving it a decorative use

In addition to classifying materials and products that we no longer use, look for new ways to...

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Colores del reciclaje

Recycling colors

Containers in recycling are very important, not only because they serve to contain garbage...

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La historia del reciclaje

The history of recycling

As the population grows, so does the production of various items. Factories are created all over the world...

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Día mundial del medio ambiente

World Environment Day

With the aim of raising awareness in society, World Day has been celebrated every June 5 since 1973...

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Las tres erres de la ecología

The three r's of ecology

It breaks 3 basic steps to reduce waste production and thereby contribute to...

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¿Qué podemos reciclar?

What can we recycle?

Recycling is something that many of us do on a daily basis, if we take into account the large amount of waste we generate at the end of the day...

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Cuántos más árboles nos rodean, menores son nuestros niveles de estrés

The more trees around us, the lower our stress levels

Lying the city streets with lots of trees reduces the physiological symptoms of stress...

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Curiosidades del Mundo del Reciclaje

Curiosities of the Recycling World

Then we will show you some data that will surely surprise you...

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Científicos descubren que los árboles también tienen corazón

Scientists discover that trees have hearts too

Until now, scientists thought that water moved through trees...

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Razones importantes del por qué reciclar

Important Reasons Why Recycle

Despite the fact that humans are responsible for producing a large amount of waste...

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¿Cómo reciclar?

How to recicle?

Through recycling we can help the environment a lot and collaborate in the maintenance of the planet...

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El objetivo del reciclaje

The goal of recycling

Recycling aims to preserve the environment and reduce the pollution caused by the waste we generate...

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México se posiciona como el tercer productor mundial en basura electrónica

Mexico is positioned as the world's third largest producer of electronic waste

Mexico is the third country that produces the most electronic waste in the world, with an average of between 7 and 10...

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Vuelve al congreso el debate sobre la basura electrónica

The debate on electronic waste returns to congress

The country does not have any law that guarantees recycling at the national level and is the third country in Latin America...

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Dell es uno de los pocos que hace el reciclaje de 900 mil toneladas de chatarra electrónica

Dell is one of the few that recycles 900 thousand tons of electronic scrap

Dell completed its challenge of recycling 900 thousand tons of electronic scrap about 2 years earlier...

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Es más barato reciclar metales de la basura electrónica que sacarlo de las minas

It is cheaper to recycle metals from electronic waste than to remove it from the mines

Gold, platinum, copper, palladium ... To obtain these and other minerals present in many electronic devices, it is not only necessary...

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Cuatro grandes oportunidades de la basura electrónica

Four great e-waste opportunities

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only 25% of electronic products were recycled...

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La basura en México vale 3 mil millones de dólares

Trash in Mexico is worth $ 3 billion

In the country barely 11% of the 86 thousand tons of garbage generated per day is reused, despite the fact that the business has a potential of 3 billion dollars and a growth of 10% per year...

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La basura electrónica seguirá aumentando

Electronic waste will continue to increase

The rapidity with which new technologies emerge and the emergence of increasingly affordable products will lead to a 30% increase in electronic waste in the world between 2016 and 2025...

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La basura en las empresas

Garbage in companies

The economic advantages of recycling are evident, if recycled materials are used, raw materials are obtained at a lower cost, increasing profits and business efficiency...

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